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This website was created by these two cool dudes who met at college.
One can code and one can design. So like, they go perfect together, no?
Scanmyface.com was born while in a lesson at college. After much procrastination and doing absolutely no work, we thought it would be cool to stick our heads in the scanner.
The result made us ROFLMAO, and the words 'This should be on a website' was muttered, and the idea was instantly born.
A year later, they actually began on it (told you they were lazy), and so here it is!
Daniel Collins
Dan is the guy who codes this masterpiece. His creative mind is pretty much non-existent, but he is so fluent in web design that he has women flocking at his PC every morning. Creator of web hosting website IOXHOST.co.uk, Dan is a born business man, and this ladies and gents, is just the beginning.
Kiran Jay Babla
Kiran is the guy who made this site look as good as it does. He loves design but doesn't have a clue on coding, so was asked by Dan to help him out here. He is studying Visual Effects, but loves doing this kinda stuff as a hobby.